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"Kate Bush (not) In Wild Orgy
Of Hotel Destruction Shock"
May 10, 1979

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May 10, 1979

Kate Bush (not) in wild orgy of hotel destruction shock

Sons of Kate Bush: Seems that subsequent to teetoller Kate Bush's recent Edinburgh show, some of her less clean-living friends got a little out-of-hand at the posh Caledonian hotel where the entourage was ensconced.

At a party which roared on til 5am, according to the Scottish Sunday Mail, some of the good folks decided to have a water battle followed by a pillow fight, which resulted in a hell of a lot of feathers and fluid being spread around.

Mr Macleod, the hotel manager, said that there was "considerable damage" but that EMI were paying the bill. Total wreckage was estimated at around £1,000, and an EMI Scottish spokesman said that they "aren't disputing" that the mess was caused by Kate's mob, and that EMI would foot the bill. "It was just one of those nights" he added.

Kate, it would appear, wasn't actually present during the debacle. Meanwhile, back in London, Kate's record company Harvest, denied all knowledge of any such incident.

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