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Newcastle Journal
"Kate's Not Saying Too Much"
by Val Marriott
January 16, 1979

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Newcastle Journal
January 16, 1979

Kate's not saying too much

By Val Marriott

The word for Kate Bush is enigmatic. This year's top girl singer isn't putting all her cards on the table. She may give all her considerable intensity to her music, but she isn't revealing too much as a person.

For a 20-year-old who has suddenly been catapulted into the crazy world of pop stardom she remains her private self. Uncompromising, logical and disciplined in her work -- and keeping her "family" image far away from the rigours of song-writing and singing.

With "Wuthering Heights" she set her first challenge to the public.

"See what I've done with Emily Bronte's story." she demands. And at first not understanding, then intrugued, finally won over, the record-buyers responded.

"We want more!" they chorused. But the astute Kate Bush didn't give them the mixture as before.

"If you can keep changing and get away with it, that's great." she says, risking her neck and her new-found reputation every time.

Her father is a doctor -- and Kate grew up in a caring, loving family. Her father is musical, and one of her two brothers is a maker of musical instruments.

"We think alike, musically." she says.

"With my new album, I feel ready to explore deeper, to make the sound heavier and with even more meaning for the listener."

A Leo subject, Kate has the iron control to keep her strong personality in check. "I think I know when to speak out and when to be tolerant," she says.

"I used to wish I were a man, but now I'm happy to be a woman. I now believe that my looks don't get in the way of being accepted as a musician -- I've surmounted that hurdle.

"I'll always be tough on myself," she says, "But I find the strength in being alone, fighting a battle and emerging satisfied that I've done my best. Perhaps that's what is strange about me.

"I grasp any chance of a family get-together, because I love my parents and brothers.

"But looking back, maybe the happiest times of all are when I've been alone, in an emotional state because a new song is beginning to flow..."

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