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Daily Mail
"Kate Bush at The London Palladium"
by Thomson Prentice
April 18, 1979

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Kate Bush at The London Palladium

by Thomson Prentice

Daily Mail - April 18, 1979

That conventional image of a girl pop star who recites her hits between breathless "thank yous' was hurled into deserved obsolescence in this unlikely setting.

Kate Bush lines up all the old stereotypes, mows them down and hammers them into their coffins with a show that is - quite literally - stunning.

This quaint, cute suburban redhead turns pop upside-down by not merely singing but performing songs with explosive originality.

Each number becomes a miniature play involving burlesque, ballet, and mime. The cast is a troupe of dancers, musicians, and magicians who paint a whole kaleidoscope of images.

Personally, I don't much for her records, her voice dominated with often obtuse lyrics is not a fulfilling enough mixture in itself.

But add an endless repertoire of special effects, props, back-screen projections and sound effects and the voice becomes part of an entrancing whole.

The relentless imagery, however, sometimes engulfs the intention of the performance.

But what an ambitious adventure it is for a singer on her first concert tour - and how mediocre does she make most of her pop contemporaries seem.

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"The pull and the push of it all..." - Kate Bush

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