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Daily Mail
"What Does Kate Do Next?"
by Paul Donovan
April 18, 1979

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What Does Kate do next?

by Paul Donovan

Daily Mail - April 18, 1979

Movie men want to make a bat woman of Miss Bush

The wailing voice and haunting looks of Kate Bush have already sold a million records

So what's the next step of the 20-year-old doctor's daughter who this week is playing to sell-out audiences at the London Palladium?

If the movie makers get their way, they'll turn her into a sexy vampire and bring shuttering frights from the girl who rose to fame with her number one smash hit Wuthering Heights.

Elfin-faced Kate revealed yesterday: "I've had two script offered to me recently. Both were horror films.


"But I wouldn't have though I was a vampire. And I don't consider myself an actress, anyway."

Kate, who dances sinuously on stage to a background of conjurer, smoke, and back-projected films, was asked about the other role in which she has been cast... a vamp.

"I was very rebellious when the Press first gave me the label of a sex symbol," she said. "I thought people would react to me as body and face rather than my music.

"But it's an incredible compliment for a female to get, so long as it doesn't stand in the way of the music. I'm not sure why people like me or why they want to see me on stage but it does inspire me that they do.

Kate has no steady boyfriend and will marry only when she wants to start a family.

It she hadn't been a singer, she would have like have been a psychiatrist. Now there must be a script there, somewhere.

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