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Daily Express
"Call Me Sexy..."
by Garth Pearce
April 18, 1979

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Daily Express
April 18, 1979

"Call me sexy - I don't mind," says Kate

With singer Kate Bush sex takes very much of a second place.

Music is the love of her life.

Twenty-year-old Kate, flushed with the success of her spectacular debut at the London Palladium, made that plain yesterday.

However if you do think of Kate as a singer with sex appeal -- in that order -- it's quite OK now.

But she wasn't so happy about it when she was released on the world a year ago with the smash hit number "Wuthering Heights," and was immediately hailed a as a sex symbol.


"That worried me very much," she said. "I did not want people to start looking at me just as a face and a body, rather than a person who was presenting music.

" "As long as the 'sex symbol' tag doesn't get in the way of that then I'm very happy to be called one."

As for her own love life, Kate said: "I have no time for constant boyfriends. I am obsessed with work.

" I find myself worrying about perfection in everything. My one danger is that I can run out of fuel because there is so little time to relax."

Kate who lives in Lewisham, South-East London with her two brothers added: "Marriage will be out for me unless I want children. It's really a heavy responsibility."

Monday's Palladium show, which Kate herself produced, was one of the most spectacular rock concerts for years.

It was also one of the most expensive. Kate shared the costs with EMI, the record company which discovered her natural talents at the age of 16.

They kept her on ice, paying her a £3,000 a year retainer, before launching her three years later.

"They were frustrating times," Kate admitted. "But it was worth waiting for. I had so much more confidence and experience when I finally get started properly.

"I am still amazed that people like me so much. As they do, I am determined to give them nothing but the best."


"This is why I spent so long preparing for a European tour. I wanted everything absolutely right.

"I rehearsed for two to three months, six days a week, up to 14 hours a day."

One of her own heroes, is Cliff Richard, "He is a perfect example of someone who has been able to change with the times," said Kate. "That is something I have to do."

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