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"My Beliefs"
October 1978

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The real Kate Bush isn't famous,
says Kate the top pop singer.

Like everyone, I believe in Iife, and love, but most of all, in what I'm doing. I find release in my music, and I'm incredibly grateful that I'm able to do that. I've written songs almost since I can remember -- I wrote "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" when l was 15 and music was always more important than other school work.

I went to a Roman Catholic convent, but it didn't exactly have a profound effect on my beliefs. I think kids learn more from their parents than their teachers. Anyway, I don't really get anything from religion. Almost everything I've learned has come from being with people. I'm just fantastically lucky that I've been with the right people -- too many learn from the wrong sources. Everyone should make the most of their opportunities. I have, and even a bad experience can be good for you in the long run.

Because my music has become well-known, I'm afraid I've lost some friends. But don't ask me how I cope with being famous. As far as I'm concerned, the real Kate Bush isn't famous. Maybe her voice is and her dancing -- but the real me is still in there, and no one will ever see that. There is a part of me that I will always keep to myself.

To the Reaching Out (Interviews) Table of Contents

"The pull and the push of it all..." - Kate Bush

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