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The Daily Utah Chronicle
"Bush Stands Alone"
by Molly Fowler
Monday, April 3, 1978

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The Utah Daily Chronicle
Monday, April 3, 1978

Bush Stands Alone

Chronicle staff

The '70s have proved to be an era of women in the arts.

In keeping, our musical airwaves are filled with the sounds of women vocalists.

Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Patti Smith, Joan Baez and countless other women have aptly conquered the recording arts industry. It was an uphill struggle, and I seriously doubt anyone wants to readily give up the kingdom.

In the meantime however, competition is active. Is takes more than a good backup band, or good lyrics. It takes style...distinctive style, and even that's not enough. A lot of good acts are cropping up in all parts, and most go unnoticed.

One such woman is 19-year-old Kate Bush. Bush hails from the Mother Country, where she currently enjoys a reputation as a potential European best seller. Capitol Records is into selling her to the States now. To date however, Bush goes unnoticed.

Kate Bush's current release, The Kick Inside is an exceptionally brave first release LP. She doesn't feel the need to hide behind someone else's music, and that is seen not only in the fact that she writes all of the music, but in her choice of a backup band.

Most of the pieces are backed by Bush on the piano. In addition, a subtle jazz-rock band that includes Ian Bairnson and David Palon from Arista Records complements and enhances rather than swallows her voice.

Exemplary is "Saxophone Song," which uses a blend of jazz and jazz-rock to a set of bluesy Iyrics. It puts Bush into the artistic perspective of a woman who can write good lyrics for music as well as she writes music for lyrics. It puts Bush into the artistic perspective of a woman who can write well.

Not to be omitted is Bush's voice. Her range is almost unbelievable. At times it sounds like two different vocalists in the same line of music. She also maintains a sense of playfulness in her voice that is seen in Maria Muldaur and in old live Joni Mitchell cuts. At times she sounds much like Diana Ross, but the comparison is unnecessary.

In time, if she catches in the States, Bush will stand alone.

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