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Daily Mail
"Kate Hits The Pop Chart Heights"
Wednesday, March 8, 1978

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Kate hits the pop chart heights

Doctor's daughter Kate Bush got just the tonic she needed yesterday.

Her record, "Wuthering Heights" -- based on the climax of Emily Bronte's novel -- toppled supergroup Abba from the top of the charts.

Kate, 19, who signed a recording contract with EMI while she was still in school, said at Heathrow Airport before flying to Paris: "It's all happened so quickly.

"I've been writing songs since I was a kid and my family thought I should make a record.

"But I didn't think for one minute it would be such a success."

She said of her hit song: "I tried to project myself into the role of the book's heroine and, because she is a ghost, I gave her a high-pitched wailing voice."

Kate, who has also released an album, The Kick Inside, added: "I find it very interesting to watch all the things that happen when you get a hit record.

"Because my craft is more commercially-orientated, it gets more attention than that of somebody else, like a bank clerk, perhaps. I still find it amazing."

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"The pull and the push of it all..." - Kate Bush

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