Passing Through Air

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October 1993

Scene from video

October 22, 1993

"MTV Most Wanted with Ray Cokes"

MTV Europe


Uli Grepel:

This is much more a promo video than the film excerpt that the earlier video was. Kate is wearing sunglasses about half the time, she's dancing a lot, alone and together with her male partner, no band can be seen, quite a lot of solarizing effects are used, many more locations are filmed than in the first video, several film excerpts from The Line, The Cross And The Curve are shown, together with the vocal parts of these pieces.

Chris Williams:

The new Kate video was played at 12:00 AM CST, so those on the west coast can catch it in an hour or so. A warning...Kate was obviously told by record weasels to make a video for the "American market" and she is obviously poking fun at that. The new "American" bits have Kate wearing *sunglasses* (we only have one photo and one bit of video of Kate in sunglasses, and both times she was outdoors) and carrying and prop microphone and stand around in perfect "rock star" form.

Alex Gibbs:

I like to make my own initial observations about art, if it's not very difficult to do so, before reading someone elses. Having said that, here are some of my own observations and/or ponderings:

In making the RbG US video she is being a rubberband girl and not resisting the "wind". The existence of the video fits the song.

The video is rather MTVish; she met the request/challenge to make it and directed it *herself*. How many artists can say that about any of their videos? It's cool to see that she can kick some ass (IMHO) even if she's not totally on her turf; that's a greater test of ones strength. It sounded like she enjoyed making it and made it pretty fast (is that right?) so I can imagine her thinking, "So you want an American video, huh? *chuckle* *poof* with a twist.... now on to something really challenging...". If she didn't enjoy it at all then I wish she hadn't made it though. I enjoyed watching it, which doesn't necessarily mean I want all of her videos to be like this one.

From a different view, clips from the movie are shown, with phrases like "You are under the spell of the red shoes," and then immediately "It's really happened to ya." Is this video an example of the spell? Or is it a break from the spell? This video is different for her.

Right after singing "Here I go..." she is dancing in a straight jacket with the rubberband man *but* the jacket is untied and the long sleeves are flapping about while she makes the rubberband noises. Is she being freed by not resisting the "wind" or is she showing the restrictions in making this video. Perhaps it's both: having as much freedom as she can, given a limitation. No one ever has total freedom. Maybe it means nothing. Art also depends on the eye of the beholder and I've eyed enough; my eyes are tired.

Is she sort of making a female sign at the end??