Passing Through Air

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September 1978

Scene from appearance


"Ask Aspel"




live "Kashka from Baghdad"
short interview


The young-viewers’ chat-show Ask Aspel, hosted by longtime British TV veteran Michael Aspel, featured Kate on September 5, 1978. The appearance was preceded by a repeat airing of part of Kate’s second lip-synch of this song for the U.K. TV programme Top of the Pops, summer '78. Kate is dressed in a white gown similar to that worn for the "official" video of the song. Some multiple-image video effects are also very similar. Her backing was from a large studio ensemble, with whom Kate had had minimal opportunity to rehearse. Nevertheless, the result is very professional, far more assured than her first Top of the Pops performance. Kate then appears live, both for an interview and telephone call-in segment , and to perform the song "Kashka From Baghdad" solo with her own piano-accompaniment. Although this was a chidren's programme, its host was more polite and asked more intelligent questions than most of Kate's interviewers had done up until that time. Kate appears extraordinarily poised in the interview segments, and her solo performance of Kashka is completely assured. All in all, a very satisfying early clip.