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5.2. - "Sexual Healing"

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From: IEDSRI@aol.com
Date: Tue, 30 May 1995 13:36:34 -0400
Subject: Healing

> Second, someone please correct me if I'm hallucinating again, but didn't Kate record "Sexual Healing" specifically for the Marvin Gaye tribute? Someone who was at last year's KonvenTion please refresh my memory!

Kate's version of "Sexual Healing" was actually a track by Davey Spillane (the Uillean pipes player on several recent Kate Bush recordings -- he appears in the "Rocket Man" video), which was intended for his last solo CD. For some reason it was decided not to include the track, so Kate's vocal has so far only been heard once in public -- at the Convention. Let's hope it finds a home soon.


From: gtp10@bootes.cus.cam.ac.uk (Dr G.T. Parks)
Date: 01 Jun 1995 09:31:35 GMT
Subject: Re: kate's sexual healing show

Robb McCaffree writes:

> According to Homegroud, Kate recorded SH with Davey Spillane for his recent album...only for reasons unkown, it did not appear on said album. Forgive me if I a.) Got the wrong artist or b.) spelled his name wrong, because I don't have my Homegrounds w/ me.

The reason why "Sexual Healing" was not included on Davey Spillane's album was according to the man himself because it just didn't fit in with the feel of the rest of the tracks. (I asked DS this question when he played in Cambridge promoting the album.)

Geoff Parks


From: 100427.2530@compuserve.com (Peter Chow)
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 1995 01:16:12
Subject: Sexual Healing - Rumour Control

Hmmm... I've been lurking for a while and think that I can clear up a couple of points about this cover track.

Kate recorded 'Sexual Healing' for an album by folk musician Davey Spillaine to go on his current album 'A Place Among The Stones'. She also recorded 'The Man I Love' for a Gershwin tribute album. Somewhere along the line someone got confused and this is where the rumour of Kate recording a track for a Marvin Gaye tribute album started.

'The Man I Love' appeared on the Larry Adler album called 'The Glory of Gershwin' and the 'Sexual Healing' track didn't show up on Davey's album (although some people have heard it because it was previewed at the KBC convention last year).

I spoke to Dr. Bush a few months ago and asked him about the matter.

The reason it didn't appear on 'A Place Among The Stones' is because Davey's management thought that it didn't fit in with the more traditional folk material on the album.

However, this is not to say that the track is lost. Kate holds the rights to that recording and I have been told that she will *definitely* release it but probably as a B-side.

Peter Chow from Brighton (UK)

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