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1.4. - Kate at Tower Records, NYC 12/93

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Kate Bush at Tower Records, New York

09. Dec. 1993

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 93 14:32:22 EDT
From: Andrew B Marvick <abm4@columbia.EDU>
Subject: rumors, always more rumors...

IED suggests everyone take the following rumor "with a pinch of salt," but for what it may conceivably be worth, it is being repeated here:

The rumor is that Kate may after all do two brief live dates in the U.S., one in New York, the other in Los Angeles. This was the talk in the ether at Sony Records, New York. No confirmation yet, to say the least! Almost certainly this is not going to happen, but then again...

By the way, the U.S. poster (normal size, not subway size) for The Red Shoes is in some shops in Manhattan, as are the flats.

-- Andrew Marvick (IED)

"There's never been anything like it!"


From: dsilver@panix.com (David Silver)
Date: 1 Dec 1993 20:56:07 -0500
Subject: Kate to appear LIVE at Tower in NY

According to an ad in the December 7 Village Voice:

"Columbia Records celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Tower Records - New York with a special in-store appearance by Kate Bush."

"Meet Kate Bush at Tower Records, Downtown.

Thursday, Dec 9th at 4:00 PM.

Her first US appearance in 10 years!"

Just in case anyone's interested:

(Tower Records downtown, is located at Broadway and 4th St. See you there?)


Date: Mon, 6 Dec 93 19:09:56 EST
From: Andrew B Marvick <abm4@columbia.EDU>
Subject: Did she come over on the Ninth Wave?

Karen, are you sure she didn't come in a hurricane? Storm's over America, you know...

-- IED, who will be glad of any philocanine company in the wee, chilly hours of December 9th at the unpicturesque corner of 4th and Broadway...

P.S.: In regard to Ed Suranyi's sensible request that some Love-Hound inquire of Columbia about Kate's doings while in NYC -- IED met a brick wall much like the one |>oug reports encountering. Seems Columbia are old hands at fending off fans over the phone -- and even when (as in IED's case this afternoon) they appear in their midtown offices...


From: dsilver@panix.com (David Silver)
Date: 9 Dec 1993 18:52:38 -0500
Subject: Just back from Tower!

Well, what can I say. I got up to the table, and my mind went completely blank. Kate said "hello" (isn't she brilliant?) and I said "hi." She asked if I wanted her to sign "to" someone and I said "David." She signed my 12" vinyl Cloudbusting single "To David, with love, Kate Bush." I said "thanks so much" and that was it. Perhaps some others had more interesting interactions. I got in just before 6PM (waited since 1:30PM) and things were pretty rushed. The line at 6PM still went down the block, around the corner and down the block again. There was no way all of those people were going to get in. I saw Doug and Andy at the very front of the line (6AM will get you a great spot), and look forward to their reports.

Bye now.


Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 13:01:02 -0500 (EST)
From: Sam Warren <I SW@zis.ziff.com>
Subject: Kate at Tower

Well I had to work until 5:00 pm yesterday, so I didn't get to Tower until 5:20, but I thought, "she's going to be here for at least two hours, I'm sure I'm not too late." Oops! She was scheduled to stay until 6:00, but ending up staying until 7:00 (out of the Kateness of her heart). Yes, she was still there when I got there, but the line was AROUND THE BLOCK! It went from the entrance to 4th Street, 4th to Lafayette, down to 3rd (or whatever the Street just south of 4th is), and back to Broadway. Now that's some line.

So I won't keep you in suspense, I'll let you know right here that I didn't get to see her. I waited an hour and a half, and they just sent us away. (Alright now, who's scheduling my pity party?) BUT: I had a great time! Kate fans are a lot of fun. I talked with people who subscribe to Homeground, and someone who used to get Still Breathing, but who doesn't know if it is still available or not (I couldn't help him). I didn't see a single Love-Hound, though. I'm sure the hounds who were there got there MUCH earlier.

I heard from someone who came out after having met with her, and he said she was being very friendly and personable to everyone. She didn't just sign "Kate Bush", but rather included the person's name, and a brief message. I guess that would have been pretty exciting, had I gotten in. I had brought the lid from the box set, for which I bought a silver marker (since you obviously wouldn't be able to read a signature in pen :-)) which cost $2.95. I don't need this darn marker for anything else, so I guess I wasted a couple bucks on a dream that never came to be :-(.



From: silo@aol.com
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 93 14:00:03 EST
Subject: Kate at Tower

I went, I saw, I forgot to say 'hi' for Fiona. Must have been because my mind went blank. I think that occured to >90% of the fans. Rules were one item only to sign, no cameras. I had her sign a postcard from Orgonon and had the presence of mind to ask if she had ever been there to which she replied no. It was a tough choice between the post card and the cover of The Dreaming. Meredith got The Dreaming signed. We got there at noon and were just under a half block from the front. IED was first and |>oug was second. They got there at 6am. I as number 75 in line according to the armbands they handed out. Kate arrived in a white limo about 20 minutes before 4pm. I actually got to see her around 5. Film crews from MTV and Entertainment Tonight where there. My wife switched on MTV last night about 10pm and just saw the Tower record logo on a building as MTV 'news' got over. I don't know if this was Kate coverage of the event.

My trophy reads:

To Mike
with love
Kate Bush

---Michael Knight


Date: Sat, 11 Dec 93 23:31:16 EST
From: jrp@accint.COM
Subject: Her Kateness in NYC

Greeting, beloved brethren in Kate...

Since I didn't see Andy or Doug's report, I'll make some general commentary before relating my experience. (BTW...Chris and Vickie...you were missed. I was suprised you couldn't show, and was standing next to a guy whose name I don't recall at the moment (an ex LH), who commented about you not being here, and |>oug I think mentioned it also. Well...you were in our thought...at least until we caught a glimpse of Her. Ahem.)

First of all, I had a blast. I got in line at about 8:30 after the catching the shuttle from Boston. I was 22nd in line, with Andy and |>oug 1 and 2 respectively. The day went fairly quickly, I was talking to a couple of people around me who were only slightly wierder than I am, so it was interesting enough. When Kate showed at 3:45 or so, reports indicated the line went all the way around three sides of Tower records.

After a few minutes, they let us in, in 10s. The two earlier groups averaged about a minute a person, but it went more quickly thereafter.

When I got in the door, I caught my first glimpse of Her...and I thought/said (I can't tell...) "My God...She's Beautiful". While standing in line, this sort of became a mantra, although I could tell some of my cognitive functions were still working...I thought about the structure of the sentence make sure it was "My God! She's..." instead of "My God is...". Ahem.

Regardless, I finally made my way up to the front of the line, and stepped up to the pedestal she was sitting on. "Hi" quoth she. "Uh...Hi" quoth I, in absolutely brilliant form. "How you doin'" quoth she. "Uh...oooookay." quoth I. "Who do you want this signed to?" "Uh...J--Jason". (Then, my left lobe kicked in as she was signing..." "Uh, Ms. Bush...about the song Lily...did you learn the ritual that way or" (a guy gave me a nudge to get going, Kate finished signing my piece now) "No...it's not a ritual, just a prayer someone taught me" (Over my shoulder was I was shuffled off) "Oh...thanks"

She signed my little picture from the MOP boxed set, like she signed nearly everything, To <person>, With Love, Kate Bush, X.

So, I wandered off, and found a spot where I could KateWatch for a while, while talking to Doug and Andy and company. (One young lady from SanFran tried to get her arm signed to have it tatooed in, but Kate said something to the effect of 'Oh, I can't, maybe you won't like me in a few years...', and signed something else. That's so sweet) We showed off our new posessions, and watched some more. She looked so sweet there, signing and being cordial and pleasant to everybody.

I wandered off from upstairs at about 5:00, and walked around. I found this young woman, medium height, medium brown hair, fairly cute who I was sure I had met before, and she bumped into me, and gave me a flash of recognition and started to say something when someone pulled her aside.

I wandered off, and went back up to see the gang, and one commented they'd like to interview Lisa. I blinked, and said "Who's that" "Kate's secretary...". Hum...

I wandered around a bit more after that, and found this REALLY GREAT KATE-WATCHING SPOT! Behind her pedestal was a large TRS stand-up poster thing, about 2 feet from the wall, and the passage was blocked by a cd rack about 5 feet high. Well, being a large guy, if I leaned against the wall just right, I could see her Kateness sitting there, doing her thing, about 2 feet forward and 4 feet left of me! And (this is the coolest part) Del was leaning against the wall right next to me! I tried to be inconspicuous...I didn't want Kate to be nervous, etc. But after a while, Del looked over, and noticed I'd been standing in the same spot for about an hour, and chuckled. The brown-haired girl looked over his shoulder and waved at me, chuckling too. (It was 6:15 about this time). Del was keeping track of time for Kate. (I'll note for posterity, when he wanted to get her attention one time, he said "Puddin'...Puddin?" and then spoke when she turned... Kate was very much concentrated on signing and talking.)

A couple of interesting things happened...one guy with a camera wanted to try my spot, but couldn't get a good sight, so did a long-arm over the cd case and snapped blind. Del said "Hey! That's cheating!" and chuckled. This guy said "Can you take one then?" Del looked like he was going to say no, then relented, and grabbed the guys camera and snapped one off. The guy said to me "Hey! These Tower Record guys are pretty cool"...I laughed, and said "Son, son, son... you *don't* know who that was...(etc)". It definately made a big impression on the guy. (For my part, I think Del is very cool...I had envisioned him as a little more aloof than he was...he was just happy and joking around, a nice guy) After that, Del and I talked off and on about nothing important until things got wrapped up.

A few things of note.

Number one: Bootlegs. She signed some of the bootlegs (the ones I recognized as older) without comment, like anything else. However, one guy came up with one which was obviously one she hadn't seen before (I only caught a glance, but the picture on the cover was an older one). She showed it to Del and to a couple other guys, and was amiable enough to the guy, but looked over at Del and was visibly upset/angry for a moment, but then put on her happy face at the next person. From my perspective, I can tell you *I* will never purchase a bootleg anything of hers.

Two: that picture. You know, *that* picture, the halter top one. I saw her sign about three of them, each with obvious distaste, directed at the picture never at the person. I think you can tell when she is force-smiling instead of when she is really happy/oh-how-cute smiling by how her eyes crinkle. Regardless, she tries to be sweet to everybody...I think she knows it's not their fault.

Three: "HEY, KATE! HOW ARE YOU! I LOVE YOUR WORK SO MUCH!" A few of the more boistrous members of the line obviously startled her. I think there is a significant difference in culture between what she knows and what we have here. Instant-friendship/salesman/advertising type of forward behaviour seems to makes her cringe. When I think back I think I got a little smile from my 'Ms. Bush' instead of 'Kate'. I suspect she likes it that way. (IMO) And, it seems that gushing, as it's called, kind of embarrasses her a little, but I think she's gotten used to it by now...one poor Oriental girl who didn't speak much English was trying to get her thoughts out, and nearly fainted, but Kate was gracious and let her finish, and smiled sweetly throughout.

Four: STUFF! My goodness...it's like her birthday all over again. At the end of the night, she had 3 and a half full large shopping bags of *stuff*, which I will note got sent with her secretary after she and Del and gang left. And flowers! They piled them up behind her, and it took two people to carry them all away afterwards. I noted some of the things she got, a couple of books, some cd's, letters, pamphlets, a red shoe (half of a pair) some rare nicknacks, some junk (although I'm sure it has special significance to somebody), etc. I do kind of wonder what happens to it.

About 20 minutes before they left, I noted Del (who had been chewing on red licorish(sp?) all day) said something to the effect of "I'm getting hungry" in Kate's general direction, smiling and trying to get her to leave soon. She wouldn't have any of it. As they were getting ready to leave, I said loud enough for Kate to hear "Ms. Bush, that was really sweet staying so long. Thank you" She looked startled, turned around and flashed me a sweet smile, and Del winked at me.

Hum, let's see. They wandered off between (?) 7:15 and 7:30, and I wandered around the store some more. I ran into this young lady, and I wandered up to her, and put two and two together and said "Lisa?". In my mind, she looked like she could be a Lisa...I'm really bad with names. "Yes...and I know we met, but I can't recall your name", and we talked a little, how I had figured out her name, that she's from NY, that no I'm not a journalist: I'm not *that* sleezy, no she couldn't do coffee, although she'd like to (forward of me, I know), but gave me a little squeeze and ran off. Sweet girl, I hope to meet her again.

So, that was it, I believe...I probably left some interesting things out, I'm still processing all the info.

I've decided I'm going to go to my library and do a work up on all the aspects of Lilly that my ingeneum can come up with, I think it would make interesting reading for her. I'll probably post it before sending it, maybe next week some time. (I was kind of thinking about doing this for LH, since I do have a broad knowledge base in these things, but, to be honest, the amount of work I am going to do is only justified by the fact that Kate might be interested. As much as I like you guys...:)

So, that was my KateExperience. I am *very* happy, and it was only a few hundred dollars and some time well spent.

--Jason R. Pascucci


From: nessus@twitch.mit.edu (Douglas Alan)
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1993 23:29:07 GMT
Subject: Report from the frontline

My girlfriend, Cheryl, and I left our apartment in Arlington, MA, at 8pm on Wednesday night and I drove the |>ougmobile southwest until we arrived in Manhattan at about 12:30am. We stayed with a friend of Cheryl's (actually her previous boyfriend) in his apartment near the park on West 71st Street. I got up at 5am, after only three and half hours of sleep, to make my way downtown to meet Andrew Marvick (i.e. IED's alter ego) at Tower Records. Cheryl said that she was too sleepy to come and she'd meet me there later if I saved her a space. After showering, shaving, and generally making myself presentable for Kate, and then dressing in thermal underpants, thermal undershirt, wool socks, heavy jeans, long sleeve shirt, official Kate Bush Club sweatshirt, and down coat, I hopped in the trusty |>ougmobile and made my way downtown.

I arrived at the 4th and Broadway intersection--with which I would become very familiar over the course of the day--slightly before 6am. I was happy to see that no one was there, but I was nervous about standing there all by myself since it didn't look too safe. I thought about parking the car in one of the numerous spots that are legal until 8am to be sure I'd be first in line--I could move the car later--but decided to look for a spot that would be legal all day long instead. I had no luck finding such a spot, but returned every few minutes to Tower Records to see if Andy has appeared yet. Eventually I saw a gentleman standing at the corner of Tower Records--it was now about twenty past six--and I stopped and asked him if he was Andrew Marvick. He was!

I told him to save my spot and I'd go park in a lot. I parked in a lot that was about a block away (it cost $15!) and rushed back to Tower Records. There were already two more people in line. I boldly asserted that Andrew was saving my spot until I had parked the car and inserted myself at position number two. I told them that I was also saving a spot for my girlfriend and they only seemed mildly bent out of shape.

Throughout the long wait, we four (me, Andrew, Illana, and Ed -- I'm not sure I have "Illana's" name quite right) chatted about all sort of Bushological matters. Illana, currently a lurker on Love-Hounds, had flown all the way from San Francisco for this! She spent all her money getting to New York and had to sleep on the NYC money getting to New York and had to sleep on the NYC subway. Putting one's life in danger is above and beyond the call of duty for a Bush fan! Her dedication also showed in what she wanted autographed. She was going to ask Kate to autograph her arm and then go have the autograph tattooed in! Ed came all the way from Hampshire college in western Massachusetts. I'm not sure how he found out about the event--he's not yet on Love-Hounds, but says he will participate when he gets back to school.

By 7am there were about ten people standing in line. A very nice person behind us in line brought us hot chocolate from McDonald's without even asking for money to defray his cost. Some kind guy behind us in line also gave each of us a beautiful promo flier for *The Red Shoes*. The line continued to grow very slowly until about 10am, when it started growing at a slightly faster pace.

At some point before noon a few guys working at Tower Records brought out police barricades to define the line a bit more formally. By noon, there were a bit under a hundred people in line. Various Love-Hounds started finding Andrew and me and coming up front to chat a bit. Among them were Meredith Tarr, Greg Bossert, Jessica, David Silver, Michael Knight, Jason Pascucci, Keith (I don't know his last name, and I think he's not on the net anymore), and several others who I have forgotten their names because I was too overwhelmed at the time.

By 1pm, our gang of four was completely starving (not to mention very cold), and Ed ran up a few blocks to bring us back a large half-plain, half-mushroom pizza. I have no idea what the quality of the pizza was, but sitting there on the cold sidewalk of Greenwich Village with four devoted Kate Bush fans, it was the best pizza I have ever eaten.

At about 2pm, Cheryl (my girlfriend) showed up and I sneaked her into position number three. A little while later, this nearly caused a nice gentlemen who had brought us hot chocolate earlier expressed his extreme discontent at this breach of etiquette. The wrath of a large angry mob is only equalled by the wrath of a live-in girlfriend, however, so I stood up the best I could for Cheryl, and eventually the guy calmed down, or at least seemed to.

At about 3pm things started going into a higher gear. The line was growing at a faster rate now, until the line went nearly all the way around the city block. Tower Records workers rearranged the barricades again to keep us better fenced in. They also put paper numbered wrist bands on everyone in line; apparently a precaution against people sneaking into the autograph area inside the store. A reporter from Tower Records came and talked to Andrew and me because we were at the beginning of the line. He said that a blurb on us might appear in Pulse. A camera crew from Columbia Records asked us a few questions. They were making a news clip that would be sent off to CNN and other news broadcasters. A man from the New York Times gave Andrew his business card and asked Andrew to call him when he got a chance for help on an article on Kate Bush that he is writing.

Shortly before 4pm, Kate's limo arrived. I tried to snap a picture, but a mob of people rushed the area and all I could see was a flash of auburn hair that rapidly disappeared inside a side door. It was only about ten minutes, however, until they let us in to meet Kate.

Andrew went first, carrying the several dozen white roses he had brought for Kate. Once we were inside the store, Andrew was no longer first, however--a couple of VIP's had been allowed in front without the dues of the long, cold wait. The VIP's didn't take long, though, and I started up my pocket tape recorder as Andrew walked nervously forward. Unfortunately, the sound system at Tower was cranked so I had no expectation that my tape would turn out comprehensible. Thirty seconds later it was my turn.

Despite my recommendation not to gush endlessly to Kate, I did anyway. My little conversation went something like this (the tape I made did not turn out understandable):

|>OUG: "Big Stripey Lie" is the most incredible thing I have heard in years! You should play guitar more often.

[Kate smiles at this, but heck, she smiles at everything everyone says.]

|>OUG: I am sure you don't remember me, but I interviewed you eight years ago in New York.

KATE: I'm sorry, no I don't.

|>OUG: My name is Doug Alan and I'm the founder of Love-Hounds, which is an international computer network of thirty-thousand of your fans.

KATE: Ah, yes! Thank you for the beautiful roses!

|>OUG: Oh, that was mostly Andrew's doing. But everyone on Love-Hounds really, really, really loves you. They all think you are great. Most of them can't be here today, but they all want to say hi. Can I ask you a question?

KATE: Sure.

|>OUG: Was the idea of Love-Hounds or anything like it in your head when you wrote "Deeper Understanding"?

KATE: No, not really.

|>OUG: What happens at the end of "Deeper Understanding"? Is the voice that's saying "I hate to leave you" -- is that the computer?

KATE: Yes! .... Well, it's really been a long time since I've worked on that song. I can't remember much now.

|>OUG: That's completely understandable.

[|>oug gives Kate his rare "Night of the Swallow" single to be autographed.]

KATE: Who would you like this signed to?

|>oug: Doug.

[Kate signs the record,

To Doug
with Love
Kate Bush

Would you also do one for all of Love-Hounds?

[|>oug hands her a blank white piece of paper.]

KATE: Of course.

[Kate writes,

To Everyone at
"Love Hounds"
Thanks for all your support


Happy Christmas
with love
Kate Bush

Unfortunately, Kate's pen runs out while she writes "Bush", so that that it is barely legible. It looks as if some corrective surgery with a xerox machine and pencil should be able to restore it, however.]

|>OUG: Thanks! Keep doing great things!

Unfortunately I could not tell from the conversation whether or not Kate had any previous understanding of Love-Hounds, or whether she had just responded positively to the flowers Andrew had given her.

I walked out of the signing area in a dazed state. Andrew came up to me and said "Wow, Doug! Kate talked to you for nearly two minutes!" I explained to him that half of the time was spent with Kate writing out the note to Love-Hounds. I had only asked for an autograph for Love-Hounds, but it was very nice of her to write a note. After a few minutes of chatting with Andrew, a woman from Sony Music came up to me saying she had overheard me talking to Kate and wanted to find out more about Love-Hounds. She gave me her number and asked me to call her sometime soon.

Between four and seven, Cheryl and I walked around the store trying to avoid the Tower Records workers who were very insistent in trying to direct people out of the store if they weren't shopping. I took many photographs, but none of them will come out good. A large bouquet of roses had been strategically placed to block photographs from the only good angle that was available from the store. The last time Kate was at Tower, they had not done this and I had been able to take some good pictures. I looked around for John Carder Bush, whom I wished to talk to--I had chatted with him at the last in-store appearance--but he was not to be found. Neither was Paddy. Del was behind the table with Kate and could be approached, but at the time I couldn't think of anything to ask him, because I'd been concentrating on things I wanted to ask John. (Now, of course, I can think of a hundred questions for Del.)

While wandering around, we intermittently ran into and chatted with other Love-Hounds and people we had met in line. Andrew had chatted for a bit with Del. Illana had tried to get her arm autographed, but Kate wanted to know why. When Illana had explained that she was going to get it tattooed in, Kate refused saying "You'll be off me in a couple years!" Keith had given Kate one red shoe filled with good luck charms and got the other shoe signed for his sick mother. Kate had seemed moved that he was concerned with his mother. Later Keith and seen someone trying to get a "Cathy Demos" bootleg signed, but Kate had refused to sign it, and the security guards had hurriedly ushered the guy out. Jason had asked Kate about the ritual in "Lilly". Kate replied that it was a prayer, not a ritual. Ed had given Kate one of his poems.

Kate was only scheduled to sign until 6pm, but at 7pm she was still there. Cheryl was getting tired, so we left, and the line was still all the way down the block, around the corner, and half way down that block. Cheryl and I went to the Manhattan Chili Company in the West Village, where we were served excellent chili, but I was still to wound up to enjoy it. We then went back to Cheryl's friend's place, where I was soon catching up on lost sleep.


"If living with obsession is a sin, then let me be guilty." -- Calvin Kline


Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 13:34:46 EST
From: Andrew B Marvick <abm4@columbia.EDU>
Subject: ied's belated tower report

IED arrived at a deserted Tower Records (Greenwich Village, 4th and Broadway, NYC) at 6 a.m., and was almost immediately met by erstwhile leader of the philocanine pack |>oug /\lan. Also among the very first was Alanna (sp?), a young (to this hoary fan) Kate admirer (and Love-Hound lurker) who had flown in from San Francisco just to be there. In a spirit of bonhomie we became cold together over the succeeding ten hours in line. By 7 a.m. there were about ten or twelve people behind us, but when IED checked again at 6:15 p.m at least 1,500 still remained outside.

Our group received greetings from Keith DeWeese, Jason S(? -- sorry), Mike Knight, Meredith Tarr, Jessica, Greg Bossert and at least a couple of others whose names IED cannot, alas, recall. A pleasant atmosphere prevailed throughout the day, and his companions kindly saved IED's place in line when, at about 1 p.m., he left briefly to freshen the Love-Hounds bouquet (3 dozen white roses). We were also briefly interviewed by a Pulse! reporter, and IED was handed the business card of a New York Times journalist. Inside the store later, a video crew for Columbia told IED that they would be making footage of the event available to MTV and CNN, among others.

Finally, IED had the honor of being the first of what certainly had to have been something close to 500 lucky fans who actually were able to meet Kate and have her sign something for them. He presented the flowers to her, and (through a fog of unreality and questionable consciousness) heard her say, "Oh, they're beautiful!" to which IED replied trenchantly, "...Euh...uh...unh..."

Then, getting his wits about him, he blurted that the roses were being offered in behalf of Love-Hounds, the international Kate Bush computer discussion group, which now numbered many thousands of participants.

Kate diplomatically replied, "Oh, Love-Hounds! Well, thank them all for me very much, will you? They're lovely!" IED answered with devilish wit, "Umm...ur..." Then Kate signed IED's item, and he wandered off to catch his breath, and to observe (with awe and mounting jealousy) |>oug chatting with Kate for what seemed at the very least *60* seconds! IED couldn't make out the details, but he did hear |>oug's voice saying "Love-Hounds" and "thousands of subscribers". And IED heard a report later that at least one other fan had mentioned Love-Hounds to Kate, and that at this third reference to our group she had launched an uninterpretable sidelong glance at Del.

Although it may prove controverSial to mentIon it, ied cannot omit to add that kate looked -- alas! -- spectacularlY beautiful, even to this fan, who normalLy doesn't Like to AcknowlEdge such tRivia. she worE all black, with higH-heeled boots, opaque black tightS, a long black Dress aNd a black leather biker's jacket. her hair really is thAt long.

A few moments later IED noticed that Kate's engineer and erstwhile bass-player Del Palmer was present (the two were still clearly very much allied, contrary to the claims of various English journalists), and after some strained negotiations with officious Tower Records personnel, IED was able to speak with him. Fortunately IED had thought to bring along the November issue of Future Music (which features an interview with and photograph of Del), and he very kindly and enthusiastically signed this for IED, who then asked the only question (of the many which he had prepared to ask before entering the holy presence) which he could remember: Is there or is there not a spoken message in X4, just before the line "But that dream is your enemy"?

The answer, after caveats about how long it had been and how memory might not serve well, etc., was "Yes". Del explained that during that period they had enjoyed "playing around" with the tapes, and that in X4 Kate had (as in parts of The Ninth Wave) spoken the line (contents still not disclosed to lowly fan), learned how it sounded backwards, memorized the backwards phonetics, recorded those, and finally laid that recording down (once again backwards) into place, so that the final words would *sound* backwards but would not actually *be* backwards. He said that they had then "snipped it up into bits" and put the bits back (in what order it wasn't clear). In sum, Del leaves us with no better understanding of the meaning (or significance, if any) of the line in question, but he seemed very happy to chat about it, and was (like Kate) unfailingly polite and cheerful throughout.

IED then spent an hour or so in the sterling company of |>oug, Jason, Keith, Alanna and others, idly discussing our respective thirty-second experiences and observing Kate's indefatigably sweet-tempered engagement with the endless stream of fans. As in 1985 (the date of his first, only slightly less brief meeting with Kate) IED came away (this time with supporting testimony from other fans of their nearly identically uninformative interviews) with the impression that Kate is

a.) extraordinarily kind and friendly, and

b.) superbly, magnificently, artfully *vague*.

Altogether, a wonderful time.

-- Andrew Marvick (IED)

P.S.: Columbia's Marketing Manager was there, and on questioning from IED she indicated that aside from the occasional semi-private screening of TL,TC,TC there was no plan to release the film in the U.S. This might be explained by the question of copyright which another Love-Hound introduced in a recent posting, coupled with the pique which IED can imagine EMI might be feeling right now at the efforts Kate seems willing to make at Columbia's request but not (perhaps) at EMI's.

IED would point out, however, that in fact aside from this single public appearance and the radio interview in Toronto scheduled for this evening there is no real evidence that Kate has done anything at all to promote the album for Columbia, either -- at least in England she consented to a number of print interviews and even performed on television (several months ago, admittedly). The only NYC interview which had been announced beforehand (for WHTZ) was cancelled, IED was assured over the phone, "by Kate herself" -- could it be that she was made aware of the grossly one-dimensional top-40 playlist of that station, and decided it wasn't the right place for her?


From: wentod@rpi.edu (Debra L. Wentorf)
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1993 17:28:22 -0500
Subject: The Road to the Red Shoes

Hi, fellow Love-Hounds!

It's me, the prodigal daughter -- Deb Wentorf -- after a two-year hiatus that's left me sadly out of touch with all of you...my fellow Love-Hounds! But fear not! After a bit of digging, I was able to find Ed Suranyi's e-mail address, and he was able to get me started back on the road to recovery. =) It's good to be back!

But now on to the real reason for writing. Last Thursday, December 9, 1993, will live as a day of infamy for all of us Love-Hounds who were lucky enough to meet -- yea, to touch and talk with -- our fair Kate. A friend of mine had told me the previous week that Our Beloved was going to grace NYC with Her prescence, and so we left Albany shortly after 8:00 for the trek down to the Big Apple.

By the time we arrived outside Tower Records, the line was already half-way down one side of the block, with approximately 50-60 people ahead of our three-person band of merry men. As fate would have it, we'd been standing in line little more than half an hour when here comes this guy down the sidewalk holding out a sign reading "Love Hound?" (Y' know, guy, now that I think of it...*did* I ever catch your name?) Anyway, what should he tell me but that the "guy who'd been here since 6:00 that morning" was none other than our own Andy Marvick...why didn't I think of that myself? So natch I had to go up and introduce myself to him; Doug was there, too, and I have to admit I was amazed that you both remembered me, guys! Of course, Andy had a big bouquet of white roses waiting patiently in a large paper cup for Her Kateness; well done, guy! I'm sure she loved them!

Okay, okay. To make a long story short, it was incredible. People were literally standing on garbage bins and even the side of the building in hopes of either getting a glimpse of her and/or taking pictures. Finally, the folks in Tower Records caught on and put cardboard up over the windows (bummer! we hadn't had a clear shot at pictures yet!!), so we were left to wait and wonder. After a little over 4 1/2 hours of waiting -- and dealing with numbing hands and feet -- we were rewarded with a spin through the revolving door that put us in the same room with Kate. We all had to queue around a set of racks that had been strategically placed so as to avoid people stampeding up to Kate, so it wasn't until I was about 40 feet from the front table that I was able to see anything...I leaned a bit to the left and...there she was, her face peeping between the queue of people and a huge vase of red roses that stood on one corner of the table she was sitting at. At first, I almost cried; it didn't even seem *real* to be looking up there and *seeing* her. I mean, I was awestruck.

For starters, she's lovely. I can still picture her clearly, with her dark chestnut, reddish-brown hair spilling down over her left shoulders as she bent to sign another autograph. Her eyes are amazing; they're brown, but a *light* brown, almost golden...and they can just as easily crinkle up at the corners when she smiles, or look *deep* into you. Her hands are small, and her right one was very warm as I shook it; it felt good in my cold one! And her clothing...much humbler than I expected somehow: an over-sized black leather jacket over a black top, a navy blue mini-skirt...slim legs clad in dark hose and finally ending in a pair of black cloggy-heeled shoes.

I noted this in the space of an instant; everything was a blur, pretty much. But I managed to tell her that meeting her was an incredible thrill and an honor (now *there's* an understatement for you!), and I told her that I had been lucky enough to have gotten an article published about her, and I told her that I would be really honored if she would sign my magazine. She smiled big and said "Oh thanks, that's really nice of you to write about me..." And up came the pen.

"To Deb with love, Kate Bush X" appeared magically in Kate's round, flowing hand in the lower right-hand corner of the magazine cover, and I barely had time to thank her sincerely before I was whisked away by one of the half-dozen bodyguards or whatever they were who were hovering like vultures around the table. I was unceremoniously ushered out to the other side of a rope barrier, but I barely noticed. I had just lived through a dream....

Anyway, still moving like I was in a fog, clutching my magazine, I went up to the upper level of the store, where folks like myself could admire her...if from a-far. I saw one guy there who was leaning on his arm, just sort of looking down at her, and I said, " I can't believe I just met her. She's such a lovely person..." To which the guy answered dreamily, his chin still propped in his hand, "She's a goddess." Under any other circumstances, it would have been funny, how he said that in that moony sort of voice, but judging by the atmosphere of the store, I'd say that summed the whole thing up pretty well.

Well, during the twenty-some minutes that I remained in the store after she signed my magazine, I casually went up and down the staircase that passed right next to where she was sitting, and just *looked* at her for as long as I dared before the guards inevitably shooed me away and told us to "keep the aisle clear." As amazing as she is, folks, she's also so *normal* somehow, and I watched and noted the little things about her: the way she sat, poised perkily on the very front of the metal folding chair; the way she fiddled with the big marking pen between signatures (she must have been dying for a cigarette); the way she swept her hair back away from that amazing, shining face (indeed, she glowed); the soft pout of her lips as she sipped Coke from an ordinary white styrofoam cup.

But you get the point. It was a day I won't ever forget...literally hours of travel and waiting in line in the cold and noise to spend about 30 seconds with Kate. And would I ever do it again?

It was one of those "moments of pleasure" Kate sings about on The Red Shoes . You *bet* I'd do it all again.

But that's enough for now. So, until next time, all the best to all of you...it's good to be home!

Deb Wentorf


From: Sam <74507.1241@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 10 Jul 1995 15:29:52 GMT
Subject: Re: letters from Kate

Well James,

Yes, I have had the briefest, surrealest, heart-racing, fan-like sort of contact with Kate.

December 1993, Tower Records, New York City. Five hours waiting in the chill, quaking as the buzz moved through the line that *she* had arrived. Harassing and delighting my co-fans by whipping out a tape recorder and getting their on-the-scene thoughts about KateFandom and being there for the big approaching moment. Getting inside the store, seeing the videos playing, the Red Shoes backdrop, just the top of the brunette head. And then, her in sight. Really her! *HER*, for godsakes!!! This woman who, unknown to her, was one of my closest friends through adolescense. I held tight clenched hands with a white-faced woman who'd been a stranger hours before, as we moved to the front of the line, just barely able to make out the tiny familiar voice offering warm words to dazed fans. It was painful. To know this would all be over so soon...what to say?? Remember to look her in the eye. Remember to say something somewhat intelligent. Remember to give her the book you bought her. Remember to touch her hand.

My turn!!!!

-- Sam

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Written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
August 1995