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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 90 18:00:33 PST
From: ed@das.llnl.gov (Edward Suranyi)
Subject: News about Kate's next album (maybe!)

A high-placed source, whose identity I'm not sure I should reveal, told me at the convention that the tour Kate was talking about is actually supposed to be in support of her NEXT album! Currently, the expected completion date is July 1991, though Kate's completion dates have been known to slip, as we all know. I wouldn't believe it either, but this source is usually very reliable.



From: spt1@ukc.ac.uk (Stephen Thomas)
Date: 21 Dec 90 12:18:42 GMT
Subject: Homeground 40 odds'n'ends

The new Homeground, no. 40, popped through my door this morning. It contains some interesting stuff.

Of course, much is made of the fact that she is going to tour - they say they have been waiting to print that headline ever since they started the fanzine. It seems that very few people knew beforehand - certainly not the Homeground team, not even Steve Davis. It seems that a new album is set for Summer-Autumn '91, too.


From: datta@vacs.uwp.wisc.edu (David Datta)
Date: 26 Apr 91 01:43:59 GMT
Subject: Tour posters?

I was just on the phone with some folks in California who publish tour posters. While chatting, I asked the innocent question "do you have any Kate Bush posters for sale?" expecting a quick, sorry no, we only do US stuff......

The answer? Well, it surprised me! How about:

"You know, funny you should ask that, 15 minutes ago, we were comissioned to do a Kate Bush poster."

Now, knowing that they are in the business of TOUR posters. I will let you draw your own conclusions...

The person I talked to said, there are no further details at this time. I told them I want to buy a Lithograph of this poster whatever it is going to be. I also mentioned they may get tons of phone calls if I tell everyone this & it was requested that I go ahead and tell but please don't say who they are just yet. (They want to get the details worked out....)

More details as soon as I get them....


Date: Wed, 22 May 91 13:33:43 EDT
From: Andrew B Marvick abm4@cunixa.cc.columbia.edu
Subject: tour?

The news is small but signifiKanT, in IED's estimation: a little sParrow has let IED know that Lindsay Kemp (Kate's first dance and mime instructor) was interviewd on BBC Radio 4 during the week of May 8th. In that interview he let slip that he was helping Kate "with the tour". He offered no further information, but the evidence certainly seems to be mounting!


Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1991 01:30:00 -0700
From: katefans@chinet.chi.il.us (Chris n Vickie)
Subject: album and tour news

Peter Fitzgerald-Morris called me last week and said that, it's certain that no single will be released by the end of the year. The album is still being worked on, but "very near completion" though with Kate that still means months more work yet to be done. The tour is still on, but details (tour and album) are locked up tight and will remain so for a while yet. That's all the Kate news he had.


Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1991 23:12:03 -0700
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)

I'm kinda surprised that there hasn't been more talk about the KBC flyer, though I may have missed the talk. First off it contains a message from Kate which says:

I was really knocked out by the beautiful cards and gifts you sent for my birthday, you are all so very kind - thank you. The album is going well and I think it might be good......

Meanwhile I hope you like Rocket Man.

With Love,



Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1991 21:09:36 -0800
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: New Homeground letter

Got a form letter from Homeground yesterday:


The word from Kate's camp is that preparations for the tour, and the recording of the album are still under way. Projected release date for the album is early next year. We hope to have some more details in the next issue.


From: barger@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (Jorn Barger)
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1992 11:17:04 -0800
Subject: Hot Clapton-Bush Rumor

Tom of C-Side thought we should have heard weeks ago that he heard thru a friend who knows Eric Clapton that Clapton worked on four songs for the new album, which may be out by July ;^).

Let's run that by again:

Talked to Tom this a.m. (Sat). He thought we would have heard long ago (2 weeks!) that he'd put out the word that he'd heard from a guy who was also a friend of Clapton's that Clapton's been working with Kate on her new one four songs, in fact (or rumor, anyway) and they claimed July was a poss, it's a new direction ;^);^);^)

he thought maybe clapton was standing in for gilmour, who is injured.


From: Scott Telford <s.telford@ed.ac.uk<
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1992 03:41:42 -0800
Subject: KaTe'n'Eric: s'true! s'true!

I was looking for the new "Recorld Collector" yesterday when something caught my eye: The February issue of "Guitar" magazine had a cover feature on Eric Clapton. Remembering Jorn's posting, I picked it up and had a quick skim through the article. Sure 'nuff, Her hallowed name was there in the interview, in a discussion about Eric experimenting with differnt styles:

"I did a thing with Kate Bush recently"

He goes on to say that Kate approached him, and that

"I love her music but I didn't know how I would fit in"


"I wondered where we'd meet, musically"

He doesn't say much more, but from the tone of the article it seems that they did find somewhere to meet. Btw, the quotes are from memory, but I think I got the gist.


From: Scott Telford <s.telford@ed.ac.uk<
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1992 09:39:55 -0700
Subject: Prince, yet again.....

In the July issue of "Q", there's a news snippet which goes something like...

"...sources close to the suburban songstress confirm that she *did* record something with Prince, but it is doubtful whether it will be released."

It then goes on to say that sources close to Prince both confirmed and denied it.

And you thought you had heard the last of it....8^)


From: Scott Telford <s.telford@ed.ac.uk<
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1992 05:45:09 -0700
Subject: Never Forever 19

Rumours of Nigel Kennedy and the Trio working on KB7. (It's beginning to sound like TSW all over again!).


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 92 2:08:49 EDT
From: Vickie Mapes <vickie@pilot.njin.net<
Subject: Message from Dave Cross

We just got back from SIGGRAPH and found a message on the answering machine from Dave Cross from Homeground. He felt badly that he had forgotten to call last year after he said he would, but forgot. In his own words...

"We saw Dr. Bush on Tuesday. There is no real news unfortunately, the album is almost finished but Kate is still actually working on it. She is recording at the moment, she's been doing all sorts of things with the album. As time goes on it looks more likely that it's not going to be released this year, I know, bad news, but there you go. So anyway, that's it really, just wish you Happy Katemas, whatever you're doing..."

He's so sweet! The update is not at all suprising, at least, not to fans who know it's wise to tack on 2-4 years *past* the "expected" date of whatever kate is working on :-).

:-( :-( This is the most sorrowful birthday of Kate's life :-( :-(



From: nbc@inf.rl.ac.uk
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 92 15:28:39 BST
Subject: from Q

October issue of Q magazine

The latest Kate news, incidentally, is that her album is "shaping up very nicely" and is promised - that was the word - for the first three months of next year.



Date: Sun, 20 Sep 92 20:33:38 EDT
From: Andrew B Marvick <abm4@cunixa.cc.columbia.EDU<
Subject: KT NEWS (Vox)

VOX Magazine has a brief news report updating the rumors about Kate and Prince. As IED remembers it, Kate was seen talking intently with Prince after one of his recent London concerts, and the assumption was that they were discussing new plans to work together. The report also stated that there was a rumor of a four-track EP featuring recordings that the two had already done together, and which was never released (as we all know). This was supposed to be the explanation for Prince's thankyou to Kate on his last album. IED hopes this isn't all just a repeat of someone else's old posting. There was a little more in the VOX report, but IED can't remember how it was worded. Anyone?

Also, IED wonders if some knowledgeable and enterprising philocanine might want to post this news to a Prince computer discussion group (if there is one), in hopes that people there will keep an ear out for any new four-track bootleg of Prince (with a funny-voiced Englishwoman singing along with him) that might crop up among the seeming thousands of such products that glut the Princefans' market these days...

-- Andrew Marvick (IED)

She really is...

P.S.: Visitors to New York City might want to stop in at Rebel Rebel Records in Greenwich Village, where the proprietor keeps a poster hanging from the ceiling over the cash register -- a poster of Kate (from The Sensual World, the one with the orange band at the bottom) signed and dedicated to Rebel Rebel by Kate in her characteristic hand, in silver marker...A good place to keep up to date on Kate items when you're in town...


Date: 09 Oct 1992 17:03:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: peter@bsbbs.columbus.oh.us (Peter FitzGerald-Morris)
Subject: Another Message From Homeground

Hello everyone.


Sorry, not a lot really. The album is theoretically due in Spring, but don't hold your breath.


From: nbc@inf.rl.ac.uk
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 13:44:40 BST
Subject: Possible single?

According to the January issue of Q, Kate has been in the recording studio working on a single. That's all they say. Obviously too late for the Xmas market - unless it is Xmas 93!


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