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Kate's only Tour (the "Tour of Life") happened in 1979, and fans old enough to experience this first hand are the lucky ones. Kate never said she won't ever tour again, but don't expect anything.

There's a video tape ("Live at Hammersmith Odeon") and a 4 track EP from the tour. The video unfortunately only contains half of the show. The recordings of the rest had some technical problems and the result wasn't up to par with Kate's standards. The video (now available in PAL and NTSC) is also available in a video+CD double pack, so Kate finally has an official live album. The only other source are vinyl bootlegs which all are of a very bad sound quality, since they were done from the audience with late 70's equipment. There are plenty of CD pirates from the video tape. Since there is now an official CD of this, please consider buying it, especially if you do own one of the bootleg copies.

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