Kate Bush FAQ


4. Love-Hounds and their behaviour...


4.2. Flamewars & abbreviations


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Normally Katefans are nice people. Hey! We all share at least one similar taste in music! Nevertheless r.m.g shares something with every other usenet newsgroup - that is, there are flamewars. Even the nasty kind. No one likes them, so the best way to deal with rude and/or uninteresting posts is to ignore them and post something positive and interesting.

>Newbies are explicitly invited to take part in the conversation. Be it that you want to know something not in this FAQ, be it that you think you have a piece of information to share, be it that you think you know some other music you think should be known by more people. (Though I'd say you should at least like Kate :-) ...)

Abbreviations commonly used on Love-Hounds include common Usenet conventions such as IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing), as well as sideways faces, known as "smilies" such as :-). Also used here are the initials of Kate's songs, such as RUTH for Running Up That Hill (sometimes known as DwG for Deal with God ;^).

A new one commonly seen is /+) or |X( or any combination, such as |+). This is, of course, Kate's film "The Line, the Cross, and The Curve" (Sometimes abbreviated to the less cryptic-looking TLTCTC).

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