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Peter Gabriel / Kate Bush: Don't Give Up / In Your Eyes (Special Mix)

Total running time: 12:35

Released: 1986 (October 20)

Kate duets with Peter Gabriel on Don't Give Up.

Short listing:

UK/?, UK, G/?,

Detailed listing:

# Poster sleeve, poster shows a pic of the usual cover style on side one and a video snapshot from the video with Kate & Peter hugging each other before the sun. Small holes and black credits on white background. The whole thing is packaged in a plastic bag that is sealed with a sticker that has "Peter Gabriel / 'Don't Give Up' / Limited edition poster sleeve includes video still poster / PGSP 2 / Kate Bush" on it.
# Same as, except that there are actually two identical vinyl discs in a single black sleeve.
# ? [orange label]
# ? [non-orange label]
# ? [white label promo]
# open at the top, big hole, silver/black label

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