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Frank Zappa

We will close with an artist who has had a long career beginning in the late sixties, when lennon as part of the beatles was so popular. I'm talking about frank zappa, in those days with the mothers of invention, and in the seventies doing a series of bizarre lps on his own. And one of these has particularly tickled your fancy.

Yes. Uh, I think Zappa's great, and one of my favourite albums is Bongo Fury, where he and Beefheart are together, so we've got two loonies on one album. It's wonderful, so exciting. And the track I've chosen is ``Montana", off of Overnight Sensation. For me this is one of Zappa's more commercial albums: uh, more instant songs, but at the same time very versatile. I really do hold it as one of my favourite albums. And the track's called ``Montana.'' (1980, BBC)


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